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`Japanese Style`


Cotton canvas is a flexible, durable, and extremely popular material. Bags bearing the Hanpu Koubou brand combine cotton canvas and leather - warmth and refined natural materials - with the unique appeal of Japanese aesthetics. These bags are also highly functional, featuring exceptional convenience as well as soft and appealing textures.
Hanpu Koubou are the ideal products for mature individuals who know the true meaning of a casual yet sophisticated style.


Business bag must be both durable and lightweight while embodying the elements of good design. It is equally important that a business case be stylish enough to carry anywhere, even on weekends and after business hours. SAND GLASS cases featuring leather accents are ideal for use in casual business settings. Anyone desiring a stylish, well-designed business case is sure to be satisfied with our wide selection of quality SAND GLASS products. Of course, all our cases excel at combining functionality with maximum ease of use


wCUBIC CORExis our original brand.these bags in this brand will match with wSTREET STYLEx. Of course,they will also match with wJEANS STYLEx. That is an American traditional style.


In Japan, it is considered that using ecobag is a useful means for the environment.
Nowadays the plastic bags are charged at supermarkets after the revision of low.(except some shops)
Therefore, Japanese are very interested in ecobag now.
Do you have an ecobag?

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