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CUBIC CORE』is our original brand.these bags in this brand will match with 『STREET STYLE』. Of course,they will also match with 『JEANE STYLE』. That is an American traditional style.

The handle of the checkered flag is very popular !
Color :black, beige, gray

Our new Scissors Bags-inspired by the pouches used by professional hairstylists-are a perfect match for people of all ages.

Simple colors and straightforward designs make these bags a fine accessory to any style.
Color : black, khaki, gray

These sophisticated shoulder bags have a pleasing appearance and a soft texture. Available in a tasteful black or dark brown.
Color : black, brown

Mobile phone cases are the latest addition to the popular Cubic Core line.
Color : #3055,#3059 --- black, beige, khaki #3060 --- black, navy
  • The handy phone might not enter according to the model.

    These bags are made of leather and garment-washed sweatshirt fabric. The worn appearance of the fabric and blurring of the print adds to the “broken-in” look of these unique bags.
    Sold Out

    This series gives an impression of damage.
    Sold Out

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