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In Japan, it is considered that using ecobag is a useful means for the environment.
Nowadays the plastic bags are charged at supermarkets after the revision of low. (except some shops)
Therefore, Japanese are very interested in ecobag now.
Do you have an ecobag?

ECOBAG series becomes assort products.

folding bag
Folding-bag is easy to carry and popular style in Japan.
Because it is small and portable, we won't forget to carry the bag to the supermarket.
cotton bag
Non-bleaching and non-dyeing.
This cottonbag is free from chemicals in order to prevent water pollution.
It can be ironed, so you can print any design as you like. (For example, by using Iron-on Sheets.)

It is very convenient bag.
At Japanese sumermarket, you have to refill the plastic bag by yourself. However, if you use this bag, you don't need to do it. That's why this bag is very popular now.
Once you use it, you can't stop it!

These bags are shaped like plastic bags which we had used for a long time. Thus, it's shape is very familiar to us.
That's why carrying this bag is very popular style in Japan.

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